This is one of those wonderful moments that every RVer (now matter how clean) has (or will unfortunately) experience at some point full-timing… You crawl into bed, finally get perfectly cozy for the night and then it happens…

Cue the sounds of adorable yet highly destructive little feet tap dancing in the ceiling of your RV. Now what?

If you’re like me, your next step (after immediately verbalizing some sort of profanity) is to jump directly on the internet and search for tried and true methods to quickly rid your home of these devilish little intruders. But what if you are out of service range for your phone or mobile hotspot?

It’s time to get creative.

With a little knowledge beforehand as to what mice like and conversely dislike, you can solve this potentially major problem rather quickly with one powerful magic weapon and unleashing your inner MacGyver.

Before I get to the magic ingredient you should keep stock of on your rig (and no I am not selling it here), I would like to give a shout out to that ‘those’ friends we are always discount and brush off. You know, the ones that are always touting the plethora of benefits pure essential oils provide and trying to convince you that you can replace this or that with a special cocktail of said oils. Yeah… They are 100% right on at least one of the oils. That magical ‘wonder oil‘ being pure peppermint oil.

So without further ado, here is how I was able to resolve my mouse issue quickly and effectively before it became a bigger problem.

Supplies used for mouse eradication:

  • Essential Oil Disfuser
  • 100% Pure USDA ‘Organic’ Peppermint Oil
  • Paper Towel Torn into Strips (One Strip for Each A/C Vent)
  • ‘Shoebox’ Sized Plastic Tote/Organizer with a Lid
  • Broom
  • Drawer
  • Box of Random Items
  • Dog Food

After calming down and realizing that cursing heavily was not enough to entice my furry intruder to leave on his own, I sprung to action with the knowledge that rodents hate peppermint with a passion. I grabbed my peppermint oil from the my container of essential oils and tore multiple strips, then placed one drop of oil on each strip. Additionally, I fired up my diffuser and loaded it with peppermint oil for good measure.

Note: You’re probably wondering if my rig smelled like Christmas threw up at this point and the answer to that question is yes, yes it did.

The next step I took was to take the paper towel strips with the oil and to place them in each A/C vent (making sure there was a portion still hanging out that I could grab when it was time to remove them) then to close the vent. I repeat this step with all but one vent.

My last step took a little more creativity, this step was to create an irresistible trap.

For my ‘trap‘ I elected to use the humane option of a shoebox sized plastic container with a lid and dog food directly under the remaining vent that was left open to tease my furry nemesis… But how was I going to keep this firmly adhered to the ceiling? The solution was surprisingly easy.

(The lid being easily accessible is important as you will need it to ‘seal’ the trap later.)

I grabbed my broom and placed the base of the inside of a random box, then set that box on an open drawer to give it tension with the broom’s handle against lid of the container. My trap was now set.

See Below:

Ok… I know, this trap looks pretty ghetto. But it was seriously effective.

Within less than five minutes I noticed my furry nemesis poking his tiny little nose out of the enclosed vent and at that point it was game over. Once my intruder smelled the mouse equivalent of a free Thanksgiving dinner he jumped into the box. I moved the broom and quickly sealed the container with the lid to ensure he did not go back into hiding.

Naturally, I was relieved and promptly set an additional trap just in case but luckily for me Baron von Whiskers was the singular stowaway hiding on my rig.

So now that you know how to trap a mouse in a pinch, here are a few methods that may help deter furry invaders to begin with:

Mothballs: It is widely theorized that rodents hate the smell of mothballs due to the pungent odor emitted by the active ingredients naphthalene and (or) paradichlorobenzene. While a majority of pest control companies have posted blogs disputing the effectiveness of using mothballs to repel rodents (likely because they just want your business), there are many individuals that swear by this method.

Because of the previously noted pungent odor emitted from mothballs and possible health risks associated with their active ingredients, this method should only be used in the outdoor storage compartments under your RV. To use this method, try placing mothballs in small containers with vent holes in the under storage compartments of your rig to deter rodents from entering.

Seal Off Anything Safe to Seal Off: Rodents are opportunists, be sure not to give them an opportunity to enter your RV if you can help it.

While completely sealing off all possible entrances is virtually impossible, you can make intrusion more difficult for this pesky freeloaders to take up residence. One highly effective best practice in rodent prevention is to insure that your storage doors are always fully closed when you are not accessing the contains underneath your RV. Additionally, make sure any small openings (that are not intended to be left open for ventilation or drainage) are properly sealed and replace worn seals to storage doors and slides if there are noticeable gaps developing.

For small gaps and openings, steel wool or fine mesh wire make for effective rodent roadblocks.

Do Not Unknowingly Offer Free Meals: Again, rodents are shameless opportunists so it is imperative you do not unknowingly offer them a free meal. Whether you are full-timing and dropped your rig off at the shop for a few days to have service work completed or you are a weekend warrior and you are placing your rig in storage, it is a best practice to remove inciting dry-goods (such as bread, cereal, rice, beans, flour, instant potatoes, etc.) from your cabinets.

To protect your pantry from these furry-terrorists while you are occupying your RV, be sure to store your dry-goods in airtight containers.

Have a pet? Make sure to keep their food in airtight containers as well and make sure to pick up that food bowl after meal time.

Keep it Clean: Good housekeeping is an imperative step in rodent control so use this as extra motivation to stay as tidy as possible… Wash those pesky dirty dishes sitting in your sink now and save yourself a headache tomorrow.

In addition to the the previously noted tips, sweeping the kitchen floor and taking out the trash nightly, as well as wiping down countertops after every meal will help make mice get the point that the ‘Kitchen is closed.’

More things to consider on the topic of keeping things tidy, mice love shreddable nesting materials such as old newspapers, napkins, paper towels, they also love to build nests in wood piles, BBQs, etc. With this in mind, be sure not to leave nesting materials close by your rig and check your covered BBQ regularly.

Have tried and true rodent control methods of your own? Share with us in the comment section below.

Nomadic Life Films, in partnership with Square House Creative, is today releasing details of initial distribution platforms that will be available for the RV Nomads motion picture. While the studio is working with a distribution partner to promote the project to content platforms such as Amazon Prime and Netflix, the film will always be available through the platforms described below.

There will be two initial versions of the film released to the public when the final cut is approved in the fall of 2018.

  • Free On-Demand: The full movie will be available in a high definition ad-supported format available for unlimited streaming via RV Nomads TV.
  • Premium Multi-Platform On-Demand: Viewers can purchase an ad-free high definition unlimited streaming option that will come packed with a behind-the-scenes mini-documentary, deleted scenes and additional bonus content. Physical versions of the film will also be available for purchase, including a limited edition DVD and/or Blu-Ray. The premium version of the film will also be housed at RV Nomads TV.

Let’s take a closer look at ways you’ll be able to watch the movie.


Our goal from day one has always been to tell this amazing story and make it available to as many viewers as possible. The story arc is designed to be entertaining and informative for both those who have been RVing for some time and those who may be just learning about it or starting to consider it. It’s a powerful story and we want it to reach a wide audience.

With this being the case, we’re going to take a leap of faith and make the movie available for FREE!

To watch the movie for free all you’ll need to do is visit the official free on-demand stream site that will be hosted on the RV Nomads TV website. The streaming page isn’t there yet because the movie isn’t finished. But when it’s ready you’ll be able to gather your friends and family and stream the movie in high definition as many times as you want!

The video player works great with desktops that airplay to TV’s, mobile devices and smart TV’s with web browser capabilities.

How can we afford to do this? There will be a few ads thrown into the mix. While putting a few ads in the timeline is probably not our favorite thing to do, the reality is this is a very expensive project and streaming high definition video isn’t cheap.


Those wanting to watch the video in a lot of other environments and applications, with a lot more goodies thrown in and no ads, can certainly do so by purchasing the premium version of the film.

This on-demand high definition version will be available via the following:

  • Roku
  • Apple tvOS/iTunes/iOS
  • Amazon Firestick
  • Google/Android
  • Web (Direct)

The premium version of the movie will include a mini-documentary from the Producer and Director showing the production process, how this all got started and what all went into the making of the movie. It will also include deleted scenes and a plethora of other bonus content.

In addition to the premium streaming version, viewers will have the option of purchasing a limited edition DVD and/or Blu-Ray.

Note: Those pre-ordering the film through RV Nomads Gear will not have to re-purchase and will be sent a password to access the premium version of the film.

We’re very excited to be entering production for the film and we can’t wait to share this story with the world!

Open Road Today is home to Nomadic Life Media, LLC and Nomadic Life Films, the production studio behind the RV Nomads motion picture and RV Nomads TV.

Our team will soon hit the road full time and we’ll have a lot of work to do while roaming. We have this website to manage and a movie about full-time RVing to film (Open Road RV Nomads) so there will be a big need for proper, efficient and very functional workspace in our coach.

This reality has us thinking through plans for heavy modifications to an RV for work. And in the planning process we’ve come across a lot of really cool mods others have done. Mods we just had to share!

The sources of the following images are unknown. These were found via social media and open source image directories. So if one of them is yours please let us know and we’ll add you in as the source.

Ok now let’s get to the mods! (In no particular order)

And don’t forget to watch the video at the end for some helpful ideas.

1) The Coffee Table Desk

2) The Office Nook

3) Laptop Drawer

4) Hidden Printer

5) The Full Office

6) Under Bed Office

7) Double Desk

8) Monitor Hack

9) Corner Desk

10) Double Desk With Leaf

And now for the bonus vid via Technomadia.




When our team finally hits the road full time we plan on spending at least a month in and around the Grand Teton area. That part of the country is, in our view, second to none and so vast that an enormous amount of time could be spent there without being able to explore everything in great detail.

With the Grand Teton National Park on our minds, the timing of a new video put out by Long Long Honeymoon was perfect. This is a very, very cool video walking us through 20 huge tips on what to see and do while at Grand Teton.

Watch and enjoy the video, then scroll down for 10 stunning pics from RVers taking in the amazing beauty of the area. Oh… and be sure to check out Long Long Honeymoon’s blog!


1- Via Wakeside Lake RV Park & Lodge

2 – Via Truck Trend

3 – Via Mud On The Tires

4 – Via Roads Less Traveled

5Via My California Dreamin

6 – Via New School Nomads

7 – Misadventures Around The World

8 – Via Salamanda Travel

9 – Via Emily Scott Robinson

10 – Gone With the Wynns

BONUS – We can’t NOT share an Airstream pic! (Via Sky River)

A common discussion we see both online and off is one that revolves around the seemingly increasing number of RV’s on the road these days. And more importantly, the apparent surge in Americans deciding to go full time.

If this seems and appears to be the case to you, that’s because it is.

The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association began tracking RV sales back in 1979. The group expects 2017 to be a record breaking year, smashing all records set since they first started keeping stats. The group reports RV manufacturers expect to ship nearly 500,000 RVs in 2017. The exact expected shipping total is up a whopping 3.6% over 2016.

This is great news for the RV industry as well as the community. Well, not so great for those of us fighting for the best boondocking sites, but hey… that’s all part of the fun!

It’s great for the RV industry for obvious reasons. Supply will inevitably increase as demand continues to rise. The service portion of the industry will need to expand to ensure consumers have options, and campgrounds should begin innovating, expanding and opening new properties.

It’s good for the community because our social circles are going to grow, more attention will come to those of us working hard to share our experiences with others and a lot more information is going to become readily available in easier to consume formats.

But where is the increase coming from? Well, it may be a surprise to you to learn the surge of new RV’ers are in large part millenials. That’s right, there is a huge increase in RV sales to those in their 20’s and 30’s. And these sales are not happening with a simple weekend getaway in mind.

31 year old Jennifer Leigh over at Peace of the Path explains her decision to buy an RV and go full time saying “I’m sick and tired of pursuing the traditional consumer path society seems to think is required to enjoy life.” She went on to say “I work full time simply continue paying for the personal infrastructure needed to work full time. It’s a ridiculous cycle that gets me hung up on useless material thing, doesn’t give me any time to actually enjoy life and it’s all too dictated. I want to do what I want to do, when I want to do it and where I want it done. I work hard and always will, but I want the fruit of my labor to be more meaningful. To be more liberating.

Leigh tells us she’s going full time in spring of 2018 and will be working full time from her RV. She’s currently selling off everything she owns, building the foundation she needs to ensure she can support herself on the road and plans on never looking back.

This is a sentiment I share as well. I’m 37 and making preparations to hit the road full time late this year or early next. For very much the exact same reasons.

And as a researcher of all things full-time, I assure you we’re not alone. I follow literally hundreds of individuals on social media who are actively planning to go full time.

A white picket fence? Who needs that when you can have pine trees and mountain views most people only see in travel magazines? A mortgage? Who wants that when it means you have to slave away to pay for it, all while giving up the ability to actually enjoy what little life we have?

Yes, it’s an escape in some ways. But we’re not escaping responsibility. No, we’re escaping the rat race that pre-determines you shouldn’t be free in life until retirement.

The internet has changed the world. While it has damaged a lot of jobs in many industries as companies go digital, it has also innovated incredible ways to prosper while moving about the country, on far less time and a schedule that is free of time cards and time tracking.

Yes, you’re seeing more RV’s out there. That trend will continue because for many of us, this is the American Dream. We’re only just realizing it and figuring out how to accomplish it.

NOTE: The Pretirement Nomads just camped at SPNS. Check out their post here.

One of the most common boondocking discussions we see in social media revolves around free waterfront/beachfront camping. Yes, we all love the mountains and fresh desert air, but who doesn’t want to spend a few nights sleeping near the constant crashing of ocean waves?

With this in mind, we’re going to start a series of waterfront boondocking spots. With this being the maiden post!

Today’s highlight focuses on South Padre Island National Seashore (Official Website Here), located just outside of Corpus Christi, Texas. There are a lot of pros and a few cons, most of which we’ll list below. But if you’re looking for a seabreeze, a place to swim, open air and the sound of waves right next to you… all while paying ZERO to camp, South padre Island National Seashore should perhaps be added to your list.

SPNS has a lot of benefits. The park has 5 miles of beach boondocking, most of which is not very crowded outside of holidays and a few weeks of extreme summer high season. The general boondocking beach areas can be accessed by most vehicles, but the farthest, most remote areas might require 4×4.

That said, while most areas are accessible by most vehicles, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use caution. It is a beach, after all, and sand is often not an RV’s best friend. If you aren’t certain about current conditions you can always call the ranger station for the latest updates.

Being a free boondocking beach this area is primitive. There is, however, fresh water and a dump station at the paved RV are at the entrance to the park.

As far as the water goes, it’s your traditional blue/green ocean. There are certainly waves and ocean sounds we all crave, but the waves are small and not overwhelming. There will often be surf fishing underway, but most of those fishing go further down into the 4×4 areas.

There are large sand dunes and generally beautiful terrain features all around. Plenty of wildlife too!

Bonfires are allowed, but as always you should leave sites cleaner than they were when you arrive.

The primary downsides are few but notable. First, the main dirt road has traffic at all hours. It is a 15MPH road, but we all know speed rules aren’t always followed. Expect occasional traffic 24/7, some of it seemingly in a hurry. Also, there is a fair amount of trash, especially after weekends. It’s not overwhelming and it doesn’t kill the good vibes, but it’s just depressing that a lot of people just don’t care.

All of that said… this one should definitely be added to the list if you’re in the area!

We’re now entering early summer of 2017. This means the fuel pumps are starting to get busy, supplies are being packed and RV’s are being prepared to hit the road.

And it also means we’re about to see some jaw-dropping pictures taken by boondockers across the nation. So to kick things off why not look back at some of the most stunning pics taken over the last few years?

Please note these are in no particular order. There is no ranking system here. We’re just listing them off so you can sit back and daydream.


1 – Alabama Hills (Via WheelingIt)

2 – Goosenecks State Park (Via LoveYourRV)

3 – Grand Staircase Escalante (Via Ginger Goes Camping)

4 – Grant, New Mexico (Via Duncan Rawlinson)

5 – Sedona, AZ (Via Road Less Traveled)

6 – Quartzsite, AZ (Via LivingInTin)

7 – Hesperus , CO (Via Aluminarium)

8 – Alaska (Via Adventure in a Backpack)

9 – Salmon Glacier on the border of BC and Alaska (Via The Blond Coyote)

10 – Wyoming (Road Less Traveled)

Let us know your thoughts!