Full Time RV YouTubers Get Burglarized (VIDEO)

John and Laura Hebard of the YouTube Channel Hebard’s Travels had a rough week. It all began when their dually began showing signs of problems with the rear differential. Anyone who hauls a Fifth Wheel RV knows this is a big, big problem.

John took the truck to a local Chevy dealership in San Antonio to get it all diagnosed. The truck was left overnight for an inspection of the differential to see the extent of the work that would need to be done, as well as to gain an understanding of whether or not their warranty would cover the work. Work that will likely be very costly.

This morning, as John reports it, the Hebard’s should have gotten a call with news of the differential. They were hoping for good news, of course. An ideal outcome would have been that the work wouldn’t take long, would be covered by the warranty and wouldn’t cost anything out of pocket.

The call came, but it wasn’t the news they were expecting. The dealership called to inform the Hebard’s that their vehicle had been broken into as it sat overnight at the dealership. Their vehicle along with several others.

The Hebard’s describe the situation in full detail on their vlog update.

While having a stereo system stolen is terrible (one that included their back up camera), it could have been much worse. The Hebards had a large tool box in the vehicle as well as a generator on board at the time of the theft. The thieves appeared to be making quick work to steal stereos from multiple vehicles and move on.

Yes, the stereo would be covered by insurance. That said, there is a high deductible involved and a scenario that should have ended with differential work covered under warranty is going to end up costing the Hebards hundreds and hundreds of dollars in deductibles.

This is an important lesson for all RVers as John tells it. Never assume that because a large dealership appears to have its lots secured in well lit/safe areas that your vehicle doesn’t need to have everything of value removed before leaving it their. The same could be said for vehicles left at boondocking or “walldocking” locations. In the scenario the Hebards just went through there was no obvious sign that trouble could appear at any time.

Yet it did.

Be careful out there, folks.