Full Time RV Life – RVers Create Healthy Social Environments By Keeping Politics Out Of It

Last Saturday we hosted an RVer gathering/meet-up just outside of San Antonio. We had an incredible evening of food, conversation, vlogging and social interaction. Those who came out included:

Some time ago I wrote at length about how RV Life provides for an escape from topics that serve no positive purpose in life. Such as pointless discussions about Hollywood rumors, fashion trends and the big one… politics. Of course, politics play a role in the lives of RVers. Especially when it comes to highway regulation, vehicle registration laws, income taxes, etc. But the whole “right vs left” nonsense is not really relevant. Maybe to an individual in a private setting of a voting booth, but not at the campfire.

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Saturday there were ten of us huddled around the fire discussing everything from poop (what RVer meet-up is complete without hitting on the topic of poop) to rig weight, to favorite camping locations, organic food and everything in-between. I sat quietly and observed a lot of the dialog. I wanted to see where the discussions would naturally go.

It was all healthy social interaction. If the conversation topics weren’t designed to get a group of laughs they were built around ways to function better as an independent human. Discussions about how things break down and what the solutions are. How to minimize vehicle weight, how to shoot better video, how to market online, etc. All conversation on topics that serve an actual positive purpose in life. In the full time RV life.

You’ll occasionally see social media threads go haywire when a rogue RVer decides to unwisely inject politics into a conversation. But generally speaking, and as an overwhelming majority of scenarios, RVers know that today’s politics stand to divide us, not unite us. And as full timers… we seek to be united in our daily lives.

I have no idea what political affiliations the RVers who spent time with us have. I don’t care what they are. And none of them cared to share them. Because in those moments such affiliations don’t matter. It doesn’t matter if half of the group supports one party and the other half another. While there may be disagreements on that front, RV Life isn’t about finding areas in which we all strongly disagree and then focusing significant time building the momentum of such disagreements.

That act would be counter-productive and damaging to the healthy social interactions at work. So it’s incredible and amazing to me that unlike virtually any other community in our nation RVers have figured this out. It’s an unspoken code that politics have no place at the campfire. And when that code is followed everyone is united in a common set of principles, lifestyles and shared stories.

This is one of the aspects of the lifestyle I most looked forward to. I see what political divides are doing to society and I saw a community based movement that appeared unified in every aspect of RV living. How does it work? It works because unlike the rest of society RVers don’t mix the two.

As a result of this we all have a much healthier social environment. That in and of itself is very attractive to me. It’s profoundly compelling and lends itself to the organic power of the RV life.

What say you?

Eric Odom

  • Andrea Elkins

    Your sample group is pretty small. Not sure just being RVers is enough to guarantee that the topics won’t be broached; sadly, I’ve met other fulltimers who delight in riling up a group. Less so in person than on social media, though.

    I think most of the parties mentioned are reasonable, polite adults who understand that politics and religion are taboo topics in polite society, at least until the participants know one another better and give at least some form of tacit agreement that politics/religion/child-rearing/other hot buttons can be discussed rationally and peacefully. The many varied aspects of the shared lifestyle, though, does lend itself to an endless array of non-controversial topics, too. (Though I am impressed that tempers didn’t flare when it came to the topic of poo! since I have seen many flame-wars about #2. lol)

    • Well, I don’t suggest that will always be the case. I do suggest, however, that the RV community is one of the rare places you’ll be able to find politics-free social environments. Will every such scenario be so clean of the BS? Nope. But there are many instances where it is… and that is wildly refreshing.