Nomadic Life Films Will Make The RV Nomads Motion Picture Available Online For Free

Nomadic Life Films, in partnership with Square House Creative, is today releasing details of initial distribution platforms that will be available for the RV Nomads motion picture. While the studio is working with a distribution partner to promote the project to content platforms such as Amazon Prime and Netflix, the film will always be available through the platforms described below.

There will be two initial versions of the film released to the public when the final cut is approved in the fall of 2018.

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  • Free On-Demand: The full movie will be available in a high definition ad-supported format available for unlimited streaming via RV Nomads TV.
  • Premium Multi-Platform On-Demand: Viewers can purchase an ad-free high definition unlimited streaming option that will come packed with a behind-the-scenes mini-documentary, deleted scenes and additional bonus content. Physical versions of the film will also be available for purchase, including a limited edition DVD and/or Blu-Ray. The premium version of the film will also be housed at RV Nomads TV.

Let’s take a closer look at ways you’ll be able to watch the movie.


Our goal from day one has always been to tell this amazing story and make it available to as many viewers as possible. The story arc is designed to be entertaining and informative for both those who have been RVing for some time and those who may be just learning about it or starting to consider it. It’s a powerful story and we want it to reach a wide audience.

With this being the case, we’re going to take a leap of faith and make the movie available for FREE!

To watch the movie for free all you’ll need to do is visit the official free on-demand stream site that will be hosted on the RV Nomads TV website. The streaming page isn’t there yet because the movie isn’t finished. But when it’s ready you’ll be able to gather your friends and family and stream the movie in high definition as many times as you want!

The video player works great with desktops that airplay to TV’s, mobile devices and smart TV’s with web browser capabilities.

How can we afford to do this? There will be a few ads thrown into the mix. While putting a few ads in the timeline is probably not our favorite thing to do, the reality is this is a very expensive project and streaming high definition video isn’t cheap.


Those wanting to watch the video in a lot of other environments and applications, with a lot more goodies thrown in and no ads, can certainly do so by purchasing the premium version of the film.

This on-demand high definition version will be available via the following:

  • Roku
  • Apple tvOS/iTunes/iOS
  • Amazon Firestick
  • Google/Android
  • Web (Direct)

The premium version of the movie will include a mini-documentary from the Producer and Director showing the production process, how this all got started and what all went into the making of the movie. It will also include deleted scenes and a plethora of other bonus content.

In addition to the premium streaming version, viewers will have the option of purchasing a limited edition DVD and/or Blu-Ray.

Note: Those pre-ordering the film through RV Nomads Gear will not have to re-purchase and will be sent a password to access the premium version of the film.

We’re very excited to be entering production for the film and we can’t wait to share this story with the world!

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