MEDIA ALERT: RV Nomads Movie Announces Solo RVer Kelly Beasley to Join Cast


DATE: July 12th, 2017
CONTACT: Press Office

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(MILWAUKEE, WI)Nomadic Life Films, the studio behind RV Nomads (, an upcoming feature length cinematic documentary exploring the full time RV movement, announced today that solo full time RVer Kelly Beasley is officially a cast member and will appear in the movie. The movie is currently moving into an early production phase and is scheduled for full release in the fall of 2018.

In 2014 Beasley decided to sell most of her belongings, purchased a travel trailer and moved out of her three bedroom home in favor of full time life on the open road. For the past two years she’s been on a full time adventure, exploring America’s back-country and living a nomadic life of freedom wherever she wants, when she wants and how she determines.

“I came to a crossroads in life,” Beasley said. “I could either trudge forward with the same old same old, or I could make RV life a reality. If I gave up a few things, I could gain so much more. Now I live on the cheap, and will be spending money on things I WANT to spend it on, not on travel to and from work, a too-expensive rental or mortgage, high electricity bills, home repair, clothes to appear nice at work, etc. Life is more exciting. I haven’t been depressed a day on the road.”

Beasley’s life changing decision is one tens of thousands of Americans are now joining her in. Full time RV life is catching on across the nation and many RVers now view it as a minimalist movement to unplug from traditional life in favor of more control over how they live.

“A sleeping giant is waking up,” said a spokesperson for Nomadic Life Films. “A cultural shift is happening and many Americans are beginning to realize they’ve been misled on what the American dream is. It doesn’t have to be about extreme debt, 60+ hour work weeks and pre-determined routine. The digital age has made it possible for us to choose a simpler life with a lot more liberty to do as we choose, when we choose to do it.”

Indeed, growth in the RV industry is breaking records. In an economy where many retailers are struggling to identify consumers willing to spend, recreational vehicle sales totals are beating virtually every other consumer goods industry. RV life is quickly becoming more mainstream, and as it does the number of those who choose to live it full time is dramatically increasing.

Beasley and her dogs spend most of their time “boondocking” off the beaten path. She prefers remote camping spots where she can enjoy solitude, beautiful views and the ability to explore areas where fewer venture due to the off grid nature of these locations.

She documents her journey through her personal website at ( and manages a popular RV guide website at (

Nomadic Life Films looks forward to telling Beasley’s story through RV Nomads. The film producers firmly believe viewers will be entertained, informed and extremely fascinated when learning about her journey of extraordinary personal discovery through the full time RV life.

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