10 Amazing RV Office Mod Pics (Plus Bonus Office Idea Video)

Our team will soon hit the road full time and we’ll have a lot of work to do while roaming. We have this website to manage and a movie about full-time RVing to film (Open Road RV Nomads) so there will be a big need for proper, efficient and very functional workspace in our coach.

This reality has us thinking through plans for heavy modifications to an RV for work. And in the planning process we’ve come across a lot of really cool mods others have done. Mods we just had to share!

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The sources of the following images are unknown. These were found via social media and open source image directories. So if one of them is yours please let us know and we’ll add you in as the source.

Ok now let’s get to the mods! (In no particular order)

And don’t forget to watch the video at the end for some helpful ideas.

1) The Coffee Table Desk

2) The Office Nook

3) Laptop Drawer

4) Hidden Printer

5) The Full Office

6) Under Bed Office

7) Double Desk

8) Monitor Hack

9) Corner Desk

10) Double Desk With Leaf

And now for the bonus vid via Technomadia.