4 Amazing Ideas to Help Better Organize Shoes in Your RV

Shoes for cold weather, shoes for hiking, shoes for the campfire, shoes for swimming… it goes on and on. Yes, some of us use a single pair for all of the above. Some of us might just carry a solid pair of flip flops for most occasions.

But sometimes we need multiple shoe styles for multiple scenarios. And we all know shoes can end up creating road blocks in the RV. So what are a few ways to better store shoes while living in an RV?

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RV Camping Hacks has a great post up with a list of 4 amazing ideas to help better organize the footwear. As they explain…

Shoe Storage can be a real challenge in an RV. Handling what seems to be exponential growth of shoes in an RV can be a tricky proposition.  Here are 4 excellent options to go from climbing shoe mountain to grab and go convenience.

Here’s the list with links to the full explanation.

  1. RV Shoe Rack from PVC (Click here for full story)
  2. Hanging Shoe Storage for Under $5 (Click here for full story)
  3. Wall Mounted Rack for 6 Pairs of Shoes (Click here for full story)
  4. Wall Mounted Shoe Rack for Roadtrek Agile (Click here for full story)

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