10 Facebook Groups All Full Time RVers Should Consider Joining (UPDATED)

When we first started building our site we were amazed at how many others are running blogs, YouTube channels, pages and groups on full time RVing. The amount of experience and information available online is incredible.

And what makes it all even better is that the RV community is easily one of the most helpful, engaged communities out there. We see help requests answered, problems solved and ideas flourish on a daily basis. All for free and all right out in the open for everyone to learn from and/or engage in.

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We’re a part of about 30 Facebook groups and pages. Nearly all of them are extremely helpful and valuable. But ten really stand out for their good-vibe community environment, engagement level and overall usefulness. Please consider joining these groups and let them know Open Road Today sent you!

Note: There is no particular strategy with the order here. These are not ranked nor are they ordered by any sort of filter. All ten are top notch!

Note #2: We a little impartial as we’re building our new Facebook group. If you haven’t already done so please go join our Facebook group now!

  • Xscapers – Xscapers is a lifestyle group of Escapees RV Club geared toward RVers who have not yet retired and who have already, or are aspiring to, hit the road pursuing a full-time or part-time nomadic lifestyle. Click here to join on Facebook
  • Full Time RVers – This group is designed to share your knowledge, information and experiences with other Full-time RVers and those who wish to become Full-Time RVers. Feel free to post pictures, links, or anything you want to share with the group as long as it is RV related and within the rules.  Click here to join on Facebook.
  • Living the RV Dream – This Facebook group is open to all people interested in the RV lifestyle. The group has now grown into a great resource for aspiring RVers as well as seasoned travelers. Click here to join on Facebook
  • RV Boondocking – RV Boondocking is a group to help others find great place to disperse camp aka Boondock.  Click here to join on Facebook.
  • We RV2We wish to make We RV2 into a great resource for all RV owners as well as those aspiring to own an RV in the future. A place to frequent and share your valuable knowledge and experiences. Tell everyone your thoughts regarding travel and/or directions, campgrounds, interesting sites to visit, RV maintenance tips and tricks, ideas, pictures, videos or just plain comments.  Click here to join on Facebook.
  • RV LifeStyle & Earning On The Road – Feel free to share about yourself; what your goals are in terms of what you want/need to earn and what you’ve thought about doing. This is a group that is geared more towards the entrepreneur side of earning money “on the road” – looking at ethical, and moral business approaches and ways to generate passive income flow with the ultimate goal of time freedom – after all TIME is the most valuable commodity we have!  Click here to join on Facebook.
  • Workampers – This Workampers group is only for discussing workamping jobs, seasonal work, and other temporary income sources for RVers. See the Files tab for helpful Resources and Blogs. Read the Posting Policy below for important details before starting a new discussion… Click here to join on Facebook.
  • Pet Friendly RV Life – A community for RV lovers traveling with dogs, cats or any other loving creatures you love to travel with 💕🐾 for full Rvers like my self or liveaboard boat families welcome too.  Click here to join on Facebook.
  • How to RV for Newbies – How to RV for Newbies. Help guide for beginners. NO RV SALES. Click here to join on Facebook.
  • RV Interior Ideas – Very strong group and a lot of super cool ideas! Click here to join on Facebook.



We just launched our own little business group over at Open Road Entrepreneurs. If you run a business while on the road come on over and say hello.

Did we leave any out? Suggest groups in the comments below.

  • Andrea Elkins

    I’d add https://www.facebook.com/groups/makemoneyrving/ as a terrific resource.

    There are also loads of groups specific to your type and brand of RV that will obviously vary for each individual. We are members of a Heavy Duty Truck group and a Mobile Suites Owners group which have been incredibly valuable and friendly.